Piles Injection

Piles or hemorrhoids are essentially swellings of blood vessels that have been enlarged and formed around the bottom of the rectum or the anus. Piles do not cause any major symptoms and there are many who don’t even realize that they have it in the first place. But there are some common symptoms which are clearly visible, and they are,
• Bleeding problems after the passage of stool.
• Itchiness in your anus.
• Lumps hanging outside of your anus that needs to be pushed back in after the passage of stool.
• Mucus discharging after the passage of stool.
• Swellings, and redness occurring on the sides of the anus.

The cause of piles is much unclear but it is mainly caused because of the increase in the pressure on the blood vessels around the parts of your anus. It can result in the blood vessels becoming inflamed towards those areas.

Piles Injection treatment is essentially a part of sclerotherapy for treating them effectively. The treatment is carried out on the base of the affected areas, particularly inside the anus. The injection works by clotting the blood flow caused by piles. It solidifies the tissue causing the formation of a scar. The hemorrhoids would then shrink and ultimately vanish.

It even alleviates the pain by metaphorically freezing out the sensory nerve endings around the areas where the injection has been received. Only minor side effects can be observed because of this, which would be essentially harmless, and the patients would feel relief post this.

Before going in for the treatment, it is important that you discuss all that you can about possible treatment procedures caused by piles. This would include the procedural details of the piles injection treatment and its possible side-effects. Only after you get the green light from the respective parties, then you need to go ahead for it.