Colonoscopy is a procedure that is mainly carried out on the insides of the large intestine. It mainly constitutes a thorough examination of the colon and the rectum. The whole idea behind this procedure would be to test and examine the symptoms that are gastrointestinal and seem to arise from your large intestine. Some of these symptoms consist of rectal and intestinal bleeding issues, or it could be erratic bowel movements.

Colonoscopy is mainly carried out on the instance of colorectal cancer wherein the patients are checked for signs of colorectal polyps or instances of cancer. This procedure is essentially recommended for those who would be 50 years of age or older than that. The age difference can vary as per the health and other factors of the individuals. It could even happen to individuals who have had previous complications because of this disease.

Experienced doctors and physicians mainly use an instrument called the colonoscope which enables them to have a closer look at the colon lining. This would then be inserted into the rectum and it then goes through into the large intestine. During the course of this, some tissue samples are collected which would then be analyzed in cases of biopsy and also for identification of polyps.

Colonoscopy, therefore, helps in perfectly identifying the problem of colorectal cancer and even diagnosing it without any need for a major procedure. Colonoscopy mainly lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour in essence. But it is essential that your bowels are empty before the procedure begins so that the line of sight from the colon to the colonoscope is crystal clear. If they are not empty, then the colonoscopy would not be deemed successful, and it would need to be performed again.

Colonoscopy needs to be performed only under the direct supervision of the gastroenterologist , and only after understanding all the risks and the rewards related to it.