About Me

A resource, a scholar, an individual who enthuses dedication unlike anything, is what Dr. Shubham Vatsya is all about. He is a self-built, and an esteemed scholar who has put in his life’s work into this profession. The quality and the diligence that he shows towards his work is unparalleled and seemingly different than the individuals of this generation.

Dr. Vatsya has completed three  professional Degrees, a  graduation degree MBBS from University College Of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, a post graduation MD in Internal Medicine from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi and a superspeciality degree DM in Gastroenterology and has been rewarded by renowned personalities for excelling vastly in this domain. He was granted the Smt. Ram Pyari Gold Medal and Shri L.N. Chugh Memorial Gold Medal for getting the first position in  Medicine in MBBS. The second one was the K. Sridharan Gold Medal for his first position in Pharmacology. He also won the Young Scholar Award Gastroenterology 2017.

These notable achievements literally proved the fact that he was set for the long run. He is no pushover and has dedicated his life for serving for the greater good of the people. The same attitude helped him attain top ranks in All India PG entrance exam  and the Delhi PG exams , therefore, setting a platform for him to achieve insurmountable heights. His journey has been ridden with hardships, and he has won through all of those disadvantages to be who he is today.

Dr. Vatsya’s approach towards any problem is meticulous, calculated and to the point. He never believes in hurrying and rushing, he believes in taking it slowly and cautiously. Plus, he helps his peers in understanding the nuances of the domain in a better way. He also believes in learning constantly with time, because knowledge is the most efficient tool for success as he so puts it.

He had already pursued a DM in Gastroenterology at a very young age which essentially tells the tale of perseverance. His hard work and research-oriented persona always motivate others to strive harder.

He also carries out various guest lectures on medical branches and shares his valuable knowledge that he has either learned or experienced. He has over 10 years of experience in teaching junior doctors the tips and tricks of cracking PG entrance exams. Owing to his hunger for knowledge and constant learning, his teachers once used to call him “The Walking and Talking Textbook of Medicine.”

Awards & Certifications

Attended 14th AIG Endoscopy Master Class

TYSA Gastroenterology-2017 Winner